1/ The entire Bible, which points to Jesus as the
Savior, is the inspired and errorless Word of God. It
is God's message of love and hope for all people.
2/ There is only one God, who exists in three persons:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3/ God is the creator of everything that exists.
4/ Adam and Eve, our first parents, were originally
created by God pure and holy. They lived according
to God's will, doing what was pleasing to Him.
5/ Adam and Eve, the man and woman God created
in the beginning, went against God's will and
brought sin into the world. Since that time, all people
have been conceived and born in sin.
6/ Sin is living out of relationship with God, not
living according to God's will, and thus
transgressing His holy will in thought, word and
7/ People cannot save themselves by their good works
or restore themselves to a right relationship with God.
We believe